Hola Creators! Today, we will deep dive into how creators can monetize different creatives like art, audio, music, streams on the Solana Network!

In the early 2000s, we saw the first evolution of the Tech Creator Economy 1.0, powered by the likes of Facebook launching in 2004, MySpace in 2003…

In this article, we will discuss why the FinTech for GenZ market opportunity with 250 million Teens is so huge, what’s happening in this market — major players, their offerings, traction and business model!

Problems in the Teens market:

“Most teens don’t have a Bank account”

In this Tech-savvy age, Kids shop a lot from…

YES Bank, in order to broaden its investors, base recently announced for its follow-on public offer (FPO) to raise 15000 crores with a price band at Rs 12–13 per share at over 50% discount.

Let’s first understand, what is an FPO:

A follow-on public offering (FPO) is the issuance of shares to investors by a listed company…

Know your customer, also known as know your client or simply KYC, is the process of a business verifying the identity of its clients and assessing their suitability, along with the potential risks of illegal intentions towards the business relationship.

In the Indian Context, KYC( Know your Customer) has been…

Yash Agarwal

Passionate about FinTech, Banking, and Financial Markets. Final year Engineering & Economics Student at BITS Pilani Goa.

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